“Ephemeral” by Radevski and Oh

  • ©Tony Radevski and Jongsu Oh  Runtime Pictures





Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Runtime Pictures


    To build the the final characters, we placed the concept artwork as the background template and used this as a guide for the character’s shape and overall look. To give the character’s surface properties, we extracted color information from the artwork and applied it directly to the 3D models. The train, empty can, and other items were created by using a collection of concept art, reference photos, and real-life object references.

    For lighting and rendering, Mental Ray allowed us to render large amounts of geometry at once, such as the train. We set up Mental Ray in Maya to automatically calculate the distance from the camera to all visible objects and apply a “smooth” only to the objects that required it. This was especially useful for rendering within the enclosed space of a train, as we always had objects close to the camera and others that were distant in the background.

    This film has been recognized by the following festivals: Sydney Film Festival: Most Innovative Film
    Revelation Perth International Film Festival
    Anima Mundi Animation Festival
    Brisbane International Film Festival
    Palm Springs International Short Film Festival
    Canberra Short Film Festival
    Flickerfest International Short Film Festival
    Omaha Film Festival
    Cinerail Festival
    Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film
    St. Kilda Film Festival
    Australian International Animation Festival
    Melbourne International Animation Festival, International Competition


    Autodesk Maya 7.0, Mental Ray, Final Cut Pro

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Tony Radevski, Jongsu Oh

    Story: Tony Radevski

    Producers: Tony Radevski, Jongsu Oh

    Design & Animation: Jongsu Oh

    Music Composer: Tim Rollinson

    Sound Designer: Craig Butters

    Production: Runtime Pictures

    Acknowledgements: Australian Film Commission, Screen Australia, XDT/Xenon

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