“Engel zu Fuss (Angel Afoot)” by Studio Soi

  • ©Jakob Schuh and Saschka Unseld

  • ©Jakob Schuh and Saschka Unseld

  • ©Jakob Schuh and Saschka Unseld



    Engel zu Fuss (Angel Afoot)


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Studio Soi


    Waltraud, an angel, has fallen from the sky. Her wings have shrunk, and she can no longer fly. She takes up with a troop of circus performers who remind her how an angel gets her wings back.


    Autodesk Maya, Combustion

Additional Contributors:

    Directors: Jakob Schuh, Saschka Unseld

    Production: Carsten Bunte

    Screenplay: Marcus Sauermann

    Graphics: Jakob Schuh

    Animators: Johannes Weiland, Klaus Morschheuser, Michael Sieber, Maria Bogade

    Texturing & Shading: Saschka Unseld

    Compositing: Mathias Schreck

    Sound: Florian Dittrich, Christian Heck

    Music: Natalia Dittrich

    Voices: Henriette Heinze