“Electronic Theater Title Sequence” by Herigstad

  • ©Dale Herigstad  H Design Inc.



    Electronic Theater Title Sequence


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • H Design Inc.


    The opening title sequence for the Electronic Theater is classic Harry Marks. It is tasteful, colorful, and complex. It is intelligent and a visual delight to watch unfold. It is designed to announce the work that it precedes, not to compete with it. It is created with the deepest respect for and in humble appreciation of the impressive work we have the pleasure to feature in the Electronic Theater this year. Appropriately, the title sequence features the names of the contributors. They are the stars of this show.

    Harry’s production team includes Dale Herigstad, the Emmy Award winning designer who worked with Harry at NBC, ABC, and the SKY networks; Richard Chaung, founder and current Chief Technology Officer for PDI/DreamWorks, who provided the rendering and realization; and Adam Chin who also animated many of the projects Harry and Dale completed in the past with PDI.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Harry Marks
    Designer/Director: Dale Herigstad
    Animation: Richard Chuang
    Animator: Adam Chin

Animation / Video Overview: