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    Electric Sheep


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  • The Electric Sheep


    “The Firebird” was designed and realized by the Electric Sheep, a cyborg mind composed of 50,000 computers and people communicating with a genetic algorithm. It’s an open-source, distributed screen-saver that harnesses idle computers into a render farm to animate and evolve artificial life-forms known as “sheep”. Participants control what they see by voting to direct the sheep’s reproduction, and by submitting genomes (aka: intelligent design). Rendering “The Firebird” required 250,000 CPU hours and 160B particles per frame. It is a tiny excerpt from “Dreams in High Fidelity”, a painting that evolves.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Scott Draves

    Modeling and Rendering: The Electric Sheep

    Music Composition and Sound Design: Kenji Williams

    Sitar: Mark Deutsch

    Violin: Kenji Williams

    Programmers: Piotr Borys, Susan Chambless, Danny Daemonic, Eric Fung, Dean Gaudet, Ronald Hordijk, Nicholas Long Mathew, David McGrath, Erik Reckase, Matt Reda, Peter Sdobnov, Jeff Sickel, Andrew Stone, Mark Townsend, Brennan Underwood, Timothy J. Wood

    Designers: Gary Banks, Bret Bomboy, Don Casteel, Laura Cesari, Ali Dheren, Paul Flanzy, Jeremy Klemic, Marty, Jeremy Richardson, Chris Ursitti, Treena Welch & more

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