“Eins (One)” by Bendig

  • ©Jens Bendig  motionDesign.de


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    Eins (One)


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  • motionDesign.de


    A nameless person wants to change the circles he and his buddies live in. He renames himself “One”, develops new ideas, and works on new symbols, leading out of the circles in which he’s been trapped. Then he gives it up. Did he fail?

    Personality can be a blind alley. This is the conclusion of a character who is living in a world where nobody has names or differences. In the beginning, everything was fine. He was working at You Can Do It Ltd. but felt too average, so he tried to develop himself further. He advanced, but after becoming incompatible with his world and realizing that he is not understood, he gave up. Now he works at Nothing Matters Inc.


    Cinema 4D, Apple Production Bundle, Commotion, Garageband, Matchmover 4

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Jens Bendig

    English Narrator: Jens Bendig

    German Narrator: Hermann Zahn

    English Translation: Derek Buckle

    Fish Images: Barbara Zahn

    Best Girl: Cathrin Wawer

    Music: Jens Bendig

    Production: motionDesign.de

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