“Dynamic Earth: Coronal Mass Ejectionand Ocean/Wind Circulation” by Shirah

  • ©Gregory W. Shirah



    Dynamic Earth: Coronal Mass Ejectionand Ocean/Wind Circulation


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • GST – NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


    This visualization is an excerpt from the full-dome planetarium show called Dynamic Earth. Using data from six computational models, it follows energy from the sun to the Earth. The sun’s energy drives wind and ocean currents. The three dimensional structures of the atmosphere and oceans are explored.

Additional Contributors:

    Co-Director: Dr. Horace Mitchell
    Producer: Thomas Lucas
    Visualizers: Gregory W. Shirah, Dr. Horace Mitchell, Dr. Tom Bridgman, Ernie Wright, Trent Schindler, Cindy Starr, Lori Perkins
    Editor: Stuart Snodgrass

Animation / Video Overview: