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    Donkey Xote Trailer


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  • Filmax Entertainment


    This is a true adventure comedy. Rucio the donkey tells the “true” story of Don Quijote and defends the idea that Quijote was in reality a very intelligent, passionate, and enthusiastic fellow. We then follow Quijote, his “squire” Sancho Panza, Sancho’s donkey Rucio (who wants to be a horse), and a real horse (Quijote’s faithful steed Rocinante, who hates leaving his stable), on their adventure to duel the “knight of the moon,” where, if Quijote wins, the true identity of Dulcinea will be revealed. We meet a series of villains who try to prevent Quijote from reaching his rendezvous with destiny, but Quijote prevails.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Jose Pozo

    Producer: Julio Fernandez, Sandro Scarabelli

    Contributor: Rafael Cabrera

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