“Divergent” by Burger

  • ©Neil Burger






    “Divergent” tells the tale of a world split into factions based on human virtues. The action takes place 100 years from now. Method Studios was brought on board as lead VFX vendor to provide invisible effects for a dystopian Chicago, supernatural effects, and physically demanding action scenes.

Additional Contributors:

    VFX Supervisor: Jim Berney
    VFX Producer: Greg Baxter
    VFX Company: Method Studios
    VFX Supervisor (Method Studios): Matt Dessero
    VFX Producer (Method Studios): Andy Foster
    CG Supervisor: Marion Spates
    Compositing Supervisor: Jeff Allen
    Lead Compositor: Brian Delmonico
    Compositors: Alex Gomez, Ivy Depies, Chad Buehler
    DFX Supervisor: Blake Sweeney
    Lighting Lead: Alex Lee