“Discovery Channel – Super Discovery” by Industrial Light & Magic

  • ©Michael Brunsfeld  Industrial Light & Magic



    Discovery Channel - Super Discovery


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Industrial Light & Magic


    “Super Discovery” takes the viewer on a ride from space to the bowels of the earth and back again, through air, earth, fire, and water. A CG planet, elephant, spider, helicopter, storm, and lightning are used in combination with live-action plants and people, and extensive digital com-positing techniques.

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Michael Brunsfeld

    Producer: Shari Hanson

    Visual Effects Supervisor: Alex Seiden

    CG Supervisor: Doug MacMillan

    Technical Directors: Will Anielewicz, Aron Onar, Billy Brooks, Leandro Estebecorena, Bijan Forutanpour, Indira Guerreri, Ed Kramer, Brian LaFrance, Alan Rosenfeld, Kevin Sprout

    Animator / Technical Director: Tim Stevenson

    Animator: Jamy Wheless

    Modeler: Izzy Acar

    Viewpainter: Derek Gillingham

    Matchmovers: Guy Hudson, David Manos Morris

    Head of CG Commercials: John R. A. Benson

    CGC Producer: Kay Rough

    CGC Production Manager: Danielle Dubay

    CGC Production Coordinator: Eric Schroeder

Animation / Video Overview: