“Dialogos” by Wiener

  • ©Maria Wiener








    In Greek, “Dialogos” means dialogue. Drawing inspiration from the experiments currently taking place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in relation to technologies that can generate holographic video images, “Dialogos” is a “pilot” for future live performances. It demonstrates the kind of dialogue that could exist between performers and projections, between the real and the virtual, between performers and holograms. It represents a live performance of a duet for a live performer and his projected kinetic hologram.

    In “Dialogos,” the performer can pass through the projection, and the projected figure can pass through the live performer and the transparent projected surfaces and dance on stage with him. Therefore “Dialogos” manifests a marriage between dance and technology in the future, in which both figures are celebrating as if they are performing a ritual.

    “Dialogos” is a collaborative project among a performer, two model designers, a composer, and a director/digital choreographer. It was formed from motion-capture data, using Vicon 8 transferred to 3d studio max.

    “Dialogos” has received a Certificate of Merit at INTERCOM (The International Communications Film and Video Competition), a division of the Chicago International Film Festival, under the Category of Special Achievement for Computer Animation in 2003.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: University of Lethbridge
    Movement Source: William Smith
    Music Composition: Nikolaj Bjerre
    Digital Representation: Kristy Sorgard, Ghassan Zabaneh
    Digital Choreography, Camera, and Direction: Maria Wiener

Animation / Video Overview: