“Death to Death Penalty” by PLEIX

  • ©  PLEIX, Gang Films, and Warm & Fuzzy



    Death to Death Penalty

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Gang Films
  • Warm & Fuzzy


    Amnesty International has produced great promotional campaigns for many years. So when we were asked to work with Pleix on a new Amnesty ad, we knew the project would be significant and demanding.

    And we weren’t mistaken.

    The creative brief was quite simple: human-scale wax sculptures that melt. But it was an ambitious assignment, artistically and technically. The wax sculptures had to be believable, and the melting process had to be realistically dramatic.

    A melting candle is very difficult to create in CGI. Candle wax melts on itself, then drips and drops in complex volumes and textures. For this project, full-size models were melted in huge simulations with viscous RealFlow fluids, then rendered and comoposited in a carefully balanced mix of flowing cold and hot wax.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Creative Directors: Eric Holden, Rémi Noël
    Copywriter: Benoît Leroux
    Agency Producer: Maxime Boiron
    Account Manager: Anne-Laure Brunner
    Account Supervisor: Anne Vincent
    Production Company: Warm & Fuzzy Paris, France
    2nd Production Company: Gang Films Paris, France
    Producers: Edward Grann, Jean Ozannat
    Editor: Pleix
    Music: Carly Comando/“Everyday”
    Animation Lead 3D/FX: T. Marqué
    FX: M-T Cavé, F. Rihn, D. Roubah
    Rendering: N. Belin
    Art Director: Philippe Taroux
    Post Production: Alexis Vieil, Digital District
    Advertiser/Client: Amnesty International France
    Advertising Agency: TBWA Paris

Animation / Video Overview: