“CryENGINE2” by Crytek GmbH

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  • Crytek GmbH


    CryENGINE 2 is the most recent version of Crytek’s multi-platform game development middleware, which first came to public notice when it was used in their initial award- winning title, Far Cry for the PC. It represents the fruits of three additional years of research and development effort since the release of CryENGINE 1 – research that is creating the most advanced next-generation gaming engine available. CryENGINE 2 provides not only some of the most photorealistic real-time visuals yet achieved, but also allows for incredibly lush and physically interactive environments. With its unique ability to handle extremely large photorealis-tic interior spaces as well as vast outdoor landscapes, while still supporting the minutest of scene details, CryENGINE 2 has opened up entirely new creative possibilities for the game designers of tomorrow. The first title to launch with this exciting new technology will be Crytek’s eagerly anticipated Crysis for Windows Vista and XP; several third-party titles are also under development.





Additional Contributors:

    Creative Director: Cevat Yerli

    Art Director: Michael Khaimzon

    Producer: Harald Seeley

    Video Editing & Production: Christopher Evans, Harald Spatzig

    Technology: Crytek R&D Department

    Visual Assets: Crysis Development Team

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