“City Paradise” by Passion Pictures

  • ©Gaelle Denis


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    City Paradise




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  • Passion Pictures


    Tomoko comes from Japan to live in London. When she first arrives, she hardly understands the people who give her directions.

    She moves into an apartment overlooking the Thames. Lonely and isolated, she sits in her flat, dressed in her fins and snorkel to protect herself from the London atmosphere.

    Out in the streets, she is frightened by the people she passes. Imagining she might find refuge in a swimming pool, she finds one, only to be scared once again. In a panic, she rushes into the pool to find help, but slips and falls into the water. Below the surface, she is caught up by a huge jellyfish that takes her deeper and deeper, until she is dropped in a secret underground world, where little aliens play music and float around under parachutes.

    Suddenly, she wakes up at the bottom of the pool, thinking that it was all a dream, until she finds a magical flower still in her hand.
    Back at the surface, in the real London again, everything seems to have changed. People no longer seem scary, and she finds herself able to talk easily with them.


    Lightwave, Toonz, Flame, Incite

Additional Contributors:

    Director: Gaelle Denis, Passion Pictures

    Producer: Erika Forzy


    Passion Pictures Team: Louis Clichy, Tim King, Emma Phillips, Antoine Moulineau, Nicklass Andersson, Nikos Gatos, Bruno Hajnal, David Lea, Neil Riley, Chris Knott, Niamh Lines, Ian Sargent, Johnny Still, Cassiano Prado, Ian Murphy, Paul Cheshire, Mark Wilson, Fabrice Gerardi, Erika Forzy, Andrew Ruhemann, Tony Fish, Tim Denin, Jamie Foord

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