“Chocolate Pillows – Look What’s Inside” by Gaber

  • ©Yariv Gaber  Gravity Visual Effects and Design


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    Chocolate Pillows - Look What's Inside


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Gravity Visual Effects and Design


    “Surprise us again and again” was the brief from the client, as the chocolate-filled cereal “pillows’” will surprise you when you bite into them. The idea evolved into an ongoing adventure of a “peeling” char-acter who reinvents herself through a variety of styles and moods. She goes through an amazing ordeal – cracking her skin, peeling off her face, unzipping her body, until finally the real tiger emerges and grabs the guy. In the end, we find out who is the “real” guy…

    PRODUCTION: Two of the actresses were modeled based on photos. The clothes shots were done using Syflex. We combined simulations with blendshapes and other deformers for tweaking some shots. The cracks were a combination
    of textures, hand-animated and BlastCode-driven debris on a rotoscoped model of the actress.


    PCs, Octane, Tezro
    Rendering farm: 10 CPUs


    Modeling, animation, and dynamics: Maya 6, Syflex
    Rendering: mental ray for Maya
    Compositing: Flame, Combustion, Shake, After Effects

Additional Contributors:

    Client: Unilever Israel

    Director: Yariv Gaber

    Production Company: Kadishzon Production

    Agency: Bauman Bar Rivanay

    VFX/Animation: Ilan Bouni, Gravity Visual Effects & Design

Animation / Video Overview: