“Chevrolet – Buildings” by The Embassy Visual Effects

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    Chevrolet - Buildings

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  • The Embassy Visual Effects


    This 60-second, computer-generated, high-definition commercial was com-pleted by The Embassy Visual Effects for Chevrolet México and McCann Erickson México. Based on an original concept from McCann’s creative VP and directed by The Embassy, the spot features five Chevrolet SUVs driving aggressively over a glass and steel structure that eventually reveals itself to be a 110-storey building in the centre of a fictional metropolis.

    Not only was The Embassy tasked with rendering a 30-plus-shot commercial with five photo-realistic vehicles in a computer-generated environment, they also had to come up with a new way of dealing with the car animation with so many vehicles in so many shots. The VFX team designed a vehicle rig and then, using Softimage XSI’s superior dynamics abilities, calculated authentic car physics. Once the simula-tions were complete, the motion data were exported to Newtek’s Lightwave 3D, where the vehicles and environment were finally rendered before being composited in Apple’s Shake.


    Softimage XSI, Newtek Lightwave, Shake

Additional Contributors:

    VFX Supervisor: Simon van de Lagemaat

    Lead CG Artist: Michael Blackbourn

    CG Artists: Marc Roth, Paul Copeland, Dan Prentice

    Senior Compositor: Stephen Pepper

    Compositor: David Casey

Animation / Video Overview: