““Carl & Ray:” Tippett Studio 3D Character Animation Work for Blockbuster Entertainment” by Williams

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    “Carl & Ray:" Tippett Studio 3D Character Animation Work for Blockbuster Entertainment




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Tippett Studio


    Utilizing a proprietary fur tool, Tippett Studio’s 3D character animators and other artists have brought to life Carl and Ray, a fully CG rabbit and guinea pig, who have become the popular new TV spokespeople for Blockbuster Video. Working closely with Doner Advertising and Director Steve “Spaz” Williams of Complete Pandemonium, the Tippett team achieved three overlapping technical and artistic challenges: believable computer-generated house pets, extrapolation of the house pets’ reality into the realm of the fantastic as the characters exaggerate their humorous anthropomorphic qualities, and further refinement of photo-realistic fur.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: William Todd Stinson

Additional Contributors:

    Producers: Alonzo Ruvalcaba, Jules Roman, Clint Goldman, Josh Reynolds
    VFX Supervisors: Frank Petzold, Scott Souter
    Lead Character Setup: Sandy Kao
    Match Move Supervisor: Kirk Larkins
    Production Manager: Alex de Sousa
    Lead Rotoscoper: Dan Feinstein
    VFX Art Director: Joel Friesch
    Production Company: Complete Pandemonium
    Lead Animators: Todd Labonte, Eric Reynolds
    Creative Directors: Doner Advertising, Agency Sheldon Cohn & Don Fibbich
    Lighting Lead: Steve Redding
    Compositing Lead: Jim McVay
    Lead Modeler: John Koester

Animation / Video Overview: