“Bunn Coffeemaker “In the Mood”” by Pixar

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    Bunn Coffeemaker “In the Mood”

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  • Pixar


    Open on a deserted restaurant kitchen, with thesultry tune, “I’m in the Mood for Love” in the background. Mama and Papa coffeemaker approach each other with interest. Kitchen appliances come to life and watch as Mama and Papa get together. Nine Brewing cycles later we meet the offspring, the new Bunn Home Brewer.


    HARDWARE: Silicon Graphics workstations/Abekas A60


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Pixar menv modeling and animation software

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Karen Robert Jackson
    For Pixar: Animation/Art Director: Andrew
    Technical Director: Galyn Susman
    Creative Director: John Lasseter
    Executive Producer: Ralph Guggenheim
    Technical Contributors: Oren Jacob, Rick Sayre, Eliot Smyrl, Yael Mild
    Animators: Andrew Schmidt, Pete Doctor, Jeff Pidgeon, Richard Quade
    Layout: Craig Good
    Output: Oren Jacob, Don Conway
    Sound Effects/Music: John Hammers, Machine Head-Venice
    Video Post: Tim Schaller, Pacific Video
    Resources. For McConnaughy Stein Schmidt Brown
    Producer: Jon Wyville
    Art Director: Tom McConnaughy
    Copywriter: Jim Schmidt
    Client Rep: Hy Bunn, President and CEO.

Animation / Video Overview: