“Budweiser – King Crab” by The Mill

  • ©David McNally  The Mill



    Budweiser - King Crab


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Mill


    Featuring CG-generated crabs created by Lead Animator Ben Smith and a team of Mill CG artists, the spot follows a gang of crabs as they worship a cooler of Budweiser that they vividly mistake for crab royalty. The Mill team used a host of references for texture, detail, and movement; nature documentary footage of crabs, an animatronic crab figure, and even live crabs to create a cartoon-like version of the Fiddler species.

    The creative team relied on Lead Flame Artist Westley Sarokin for environmental enhancements, final compositing and finishing, CG integration, and overall color adjustments. The team even set up a shoot to capture claw markings in sand to sell the believability of the creatures’ interactions with the beach. And they created a golden sunset full of flares and glows that dramatizes the god-like moment as the crabs bow to their new idol.

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: DDB Chicago

    Producer: Brian Smego

    Production Company: Villains LA

    Director: David McNally

    Producer: Greg Ferguson

    Executive Producer: Nancy Osborne

    Editing Company: Chrome LA

    Editor: Hal Honigsberg

    VFX: The Mill NY

    VFX Producer: Jo Arghiris

    VFX Supervisors: Alicia Powers, David Parker, Douglas Luka

    Lead Flame Artist: Westley Sarokin

    Assistant Flame Artists: Dirk Greene, Richard de Carteret, Mark French

    Assistant Combustion Artists: Winston Lee, Anu Nagaraj, Ross Goldstein, James Corden, Jeanette Williford, Greg Gilpatrick

    Smoke Artists: Tristian Wake, Jeff Robins

    Support: Mary Casey, Gigi Ng

    CG Supervisor/Lead Animator: Ben Smith

    CG Producer: Camila De Biaggi

    CG Artists: Josh Merck, Emily Merger, Oscar Gonzalez, Yann Mabille, Douglas Luka, Domel Libid

    Telecine Artist (DCP): Damien Van Der Cruyssen

Animation / Video Overview: