“Bob and Sam: Episode 1” by Guerrero

  • ©Jason Guerrero  Hurd Studios


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    Bob and Sam: Episode 1




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Hurd Studios


    This animated short opens on a lone sperm cell traversing the rugged terrain of the female reproductive tract. Using simulated electron-microscopic imaging, it displays a unique view of the dynamic adventure of a determined sperm cell as he searches for his soul mate, the egg. The short concludes with Bob and Sam, who provide their unique and honest insights as they critique the film. This short was created with Maya and composited in After Effects using five Windows NT workstations.


    HARDWARE: Three dual 633-933 MHz CPUs for modeling and animation, three additional Renderboxx dual 933 MHz CPUs for rendering, 1 GB RAM


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling, animation, rendering, and dynamics: Maya 5.0. Compositing: Adobe After Effects 6.0. Additional software: Photoshop 6.0. OS: Windows 2000

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Katherine Cohn, Amalia Delicari
    Executive Producers: Jane Hurd, Stephen Biale
    Medical Art Director: Donna DeSmet
    3D Animation & Lighting: Jason Guerrero
    Lighting: Andy Wagener
    Texture Mapping: Donald “Primo” Tolentino
    Character Animation: Dean Lennert
    Modeling & Rigging: Michael Ware
    Character Design: Robert Castillo
    Voice/Bob: Carl Jaynes
    Voice/Sam: Marc Petrocino
    Writers: Sean McKenna, Jason Guerrero
    Composer & Conductor:Pericles Karnaris

Additional Information:

    Modeling: Mostly polygons, some NURBS. Rendering technique
    used most: Maya renderer. Much of the electron microscope look
    was achieved in post within After Effects. Average CPU time for
    rendering per frame: approximately 10 minutes. Total production
    time: approximately 40 days.

Animation / Video Overview: