“Bingo” by Landreth

  • ©Christopher (Chris) Landreth  Alias | Wavefront


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  • Alias | Wavefront


    What happens when you transform a theatrical play into an animation? “Bingo,” an animation based on the short play “Disregard This Play” by Chicago’s Neo-Futurist Theatre Company, explores one answer. The story deals with the age-old question: “What if a lie is told long enough and loud enough?” “Bingo” is the first animation to be fully produced with Alias | Wavefront’s Maya animation software.





Additional Contributors:

    The Cast
    Seated Man: David Kodeski
    Pinhead: Phil Ridarelli
    Money Guy: Dave Awl
    Dr. Pinhead: Greg Allen
    Harlequin: Diana Slickman
    Balloon Girl: Stephanie Shaw

    Recorded at Post Effects, Chicago, IL
    Animated by Chris Landreth, David Baas,
    Joan Staveley
    Shading, Lighting, Rendering and Compositing:
    Owen Demers
    Set Design and Modeling: Ian Hayden
    Character Modeling and Texturing: Mark Forbes,
    Daniel Hornick, Ted Charlton, Doug Law,
    Gerry van Ommen Kloeke
    Animators / Technical Directors: Daniel Roizman,
    Jeff Bell, Tim Rowlandson, Karan Singh,
    Rick Kogucki, Jon Tojek, Martin Werner
    Hairstyles by Duncan Brinsmead
    Additional Modeling: Tim Hanson, Robert Magee,
    Paul Roy
    Storyboard and Character Sketches: Mike Kitchen
    Motion Capture and Stock Video Editing: Rob Aitchison, Scott Albert
    Edited by Craig Clark and Matt Lyon
    Music Arranged and Performed by Jim LaMarche
    Musicians: Jeremy Edwardes, Jeff Burke, Ron Ruhe
    Sound Effects and Editing: Simon Edwards
    Sound Edited at ICE Inc., Toronto, Canada
    Music Recorded and Mixed at Cherry Beach
    Sound, Toronto, Canada
    Producers: Kevin Tureski, Andy Jones
    Executive Producer: Penny Wilson
    Modeled, Animated and Rendered with
    Alias|Wavefront Maya 1.0

Animation / Video Overview: