“Billy Ray Shyster’s House of Discount Special Effects &Animation Emporium” by Thomason

  • ©Paul Kevin Thomason


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    Billy Ray Shyster’s House of Discount Special Effects &Animation Emporium


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Texas A&M University


    “Billy Ray Shyster’s House of Discount Special Effects & Animation Emporium” was inspired by locally-made television commercials that were produced in a style similar to this piece. Especially relevant were commercials that were outrageously goofy and obviously very low-budget. “Billy Ray” satirizes the cheap-and-cheesy computer- aided graphics that give this commercial genre such kitschy appeal. Careful attention was paid to ensure that the quality level of this piece was nothing but the lowest. Colors are video-unsafe, blue- screening is abysmally poor, and craftsmanship in general is intended to represent the nadir of the computer graphics genre.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Paul Kevin Thomason
    Concept, Video, and Animation: Paul Kevin Thomason
    Video Editing: Jeff Griswold
    Produced in the Texas A&M University Visualization Laboratory Master of Science in Visualization Sciences
    Course VIZA 643: Video/Photography

Animation / Video Overview: