“Barbie as Rapunzel” by Pitts

  • ©Ron Pitts  Windlight Studios


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    Barbie as Rapunzel


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Windlight Studios


    Once upon a time, in the world of computer animation there lived a sphere and a cube. They were unenlightened and were used everywhere. Along came 10 years of experience with many new tools and the cube and sphere were reshaped. They became organic, with movement, hair, and soft textures. This transformation was truly magical and scientific, pretty as a painting with emotion and life. Such is the world of Barbie and Ken.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Windlight Studios
    Client: Mattel Inc.
    Director of Creative Advertising Services: Ken Kauffmann
    Creative Manager: Aki Umemoto
    Computer Animation: Windlight Studios
    Creative Director: Don Bajus
    Technical Direction: Dave Novak and Scott Dyer
    Executive Producer: Pam Lehn
    Animation: Ron Pitts, Brian Newlin, Joan Staveley
    Barbie & Ken Models: Evan Olson, Orie Hegre, Waki Mudi
    Set: Dave Novak, Kevin Ochs
    Color & Lighting: Dave Novak
    Hair: Scott Dyer
    Lip & Eye Sync: Don Bajus, Evan Olson
    Music: Phil Marshall
    Special Thanks to: Alias|Wavefront, Charlie Larson, Toby Timion, Mike Burton, Doug Kingsbury, Nancy Zwiers, Lisa Hodder, Maria Rodriguez, Charles Hubbell, Charity Jones

Animation / Video Overview: