“Bad Boys II” by Bay

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    Bad Boys II




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  • Sony Pictures Imageworks


    This compilation demonstrates a number of visual effects and CG
    animation processes:
    1. The bullet sequence used a high-speed camera (4000 FPS).
    2. The continuous helicopter/rave shot seams together various
    plates, miniatures, and CG objects, including a CG helicopter,
    CG rooftop, and CG pills/tray/spoon/jar.
    3. The Causeway chase sequence begins with the proof-of-concept
    car, showing the photo-real animation and rendering of a CG
    Ferrari next to an actual Ferrari. In addition, the sequence includes
    a CG police car, truck, BMW, ND car, and boat.
    4. The 360-degree Haitian shootout scenes allow the mind to
    envision what the camera cannot physically accomplish: passing
    through holes in the broken glass of a door, and through a chair,
    bed, and fan.
    5. The 3D matte painting showcases an extraordinary transformation.
    Taking a helicopter shot of a mansion photographed in Miami,
    removing the original background and replacing it with surrounding
    buildings, landscape, cars, and people sets the mansion in Cuba.


    HARDWARE: SGI 250 MHz single/dual CPU, 2 GB RAM. Rendering farm: 100


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling and animation: Maya 4. Rendering: PRMan 10. Dynamics: Houdini 6. Compositing: Bonsai, Flame 8.3 beta. Additional software: Tracking Yannix Technologies. Custom software: Bonsai, Lighting Birps. OS: Irix 6.5, Linix Renderfarm.

Additional Contributors:

    Visual Effects Supervisors: Carey Villegas, Rob Legato
    Visual Effects Executive Producer: Jenny Fulle
    Computer Graphics Supervisor: Layne Friedman
    Digital Artists: Alan Chan, George Ho, Kurt Judson, Zsolt Krajcsik, Daniel La Chapelle, Mark Lefitz, Stephen Lunn, Enrique Munoz
    Compositors: Bonjin Byun, Clint Colver, Aaron Smith
    IAC Coordinator: Jason Anderson
    Production Assistant: Chris Antonini
    Lead Production Services Technician: Alfredo R. Barcia
    Senior Production Services Technician: Ned Wilson
    Resource Administrator: John Sanders
    Systems Engineering Manager: Alberto Velez
    Senior Systems Engineers: Brian Chase, David Miya
    Systems Adminstrator: Joe Stevano
    Senior Hardware/Video Engineer: Michael Trujillo
    Software Manager: Amit Agrawal
    Software Engineers: Andrea Solis, Michael Wilson, Reuben Pasquini
    Negative Cutter: Boyd Steer
    Assistant Visual Effects Editor: James Bluma
    Visual Effects Producer: David Taritero
    Visual Effects Production Coordinator: Elizabeth Hitt
    Visual Effects Editor: Allen Cappuccilli
    IAC Production Manager: Dawn Guinta
    Lead Digital Artist: Francis Liu
    Interactive Compositors: Brian Battles, Rob Blue, Christian Boudman, Max Harris, Cesar Romero, Donovan Scott, David Takayama
    Lead Animator: Gary Abrahamian
    Animator: Brian Schlinder
    Pre-vis Animators: Renato Dos Anjos
    Animation Support: Maks Naporowski
    Texture Painters: Josh Geisler-Amhowitz, Jennifer Jung Kim
    Modeler: Sergio Garcia-Abad
    Roto Artists: Nathalie Gonthier, Michael Kaelin
    Matchmove Artists: Rachel Nicoll, David Spencer
    Editorial Coordinator: Nikki Bell

Additional Information:

    Modeling: Lydar scans and subdivision surfaces. Some 2D rotoscoping
    used. Rendering technique used most: Raytraced with RenderMan.
    Average CPU time for rendering per frame: 4 layers approximately
    2.5 hours. Total production time: 205 days.

Animation / Video Overview: