“AMF — The Caterpillar” by Engstrom

  • ©Filip Engstrom


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    AMF — The Caterpillar




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Mill


    A caterpillar becomes forlorn after a series of trials and tribulations. There is a happy ending, however, as he transforms into a beautiful butterfly. The caption at the end of the commercial translates as: “The future — a pretty good reason to save for your pension.”

Additional Contributors:

    Agency: Forsman Bodenfors
    Account Director: Leif Sorte
    Account Manager: Linda Hymér
    Copy Writer: Jacob Nelson
    Art Director: John Bergdahl
    Producer: Magnus Kennhed
    Production Company: Camp David Film
    Director of Photography: Linus Sandgren
    Producer: Anna Adamson
    Executive Producer: Peter Kydd
    Editing Company: General Editorial
    Editor: Noah Herzog
    Post Production: The Mill / Los Angeles
    VFX Producer: Asher Edwards
    Lead CG: Robert Sethi
    Lead Compositor: Becky Porter
    CG: Jamie O’Hara, Steve Beck, John Leonti, Chris Cushley, Matt Longwell
    Compositors: Zach Lo, Tara DeMarco, Giles Cheetham
    Shoot Supervisor: John Leonti
    Telecine: Damien Van Der Cruyssen