“Alter Ego” by Studio Mansarda

  • ©Kuba Gryglicki  Studio Mansarda


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    Alter Ego


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  • Studio Mansarda


    Somewhere in the wilds, a tower shelters an aging Jester’s solitude. There, the sullen weirdo feeds on dreams about his own greatness. Secluded from the world and reality, he seems not to notice how much his life differs from the idealized image of himself. He doesn’t notice his funny habits, his clumsiness, and the glamorous appearance of his surroundings. He derives satisfaction from the little pleasures of the everyday, which give him a delusion of life in a better world. This vision is so real that it becomes an obsession, in which the Jester loses his identity.

    Yet life in the world of illusions is defined by the simple fact that not everything in it is what it seems to be.

    “Alter Ego” is a fairy tale about identity crisis.


    3ds Max, CAT, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop

Additional Contributors:

    Writer, Director, Designer, Animator: Kuba Gryglicki

    Producer: Maciej Cwiek

    Music: Zbigniew Kozub

    Musicians: Lech Balaban, Agnieszka Balaban, Zbigniew Kozub

    Sound: Zbigniew Kozub

    Voice: Krzysztof Kowalewski

Animation / Video Overview: