“‘ACRI’ The Making” by Overlord Company, Ltd.

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    ‘ACRI’ The Making

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Overlord Company, Ltd.


    The images in this work deal with the making of the CG effects for “ACRI”, a Japanese film whose production and post-production were done in Australia. The film was released in Japan last summer and tells the story of present-day mermaids. ‘ACRI’ is the heroine’s name.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Shinya Kawai
    Assistant Producer: Akemi Suyama
    Visual Effects Supervisor: Takahiko Akiyama
    Visual Effects Producer: Shuji Asano
    Associate Visual Effects Supervisor: Dale Duguid
    Visual Effects Assistant Supervisor: Kagari ‘TEX’ Yasuda
    3D CGI Animators: Ryuichi Snow, Shoko Kitamura
    CGI Animator/Programmer: Tsutomu ‘Tommy’ Nomoto
    3D Titles: Craig Wentworth
    3D Video Playback Animator: Diego Guerrero
    Visual Effects Film Editor: Peter Skarratt
    Digital Compositing Supervisor: Peter Webb
    Digital Matte Artist: Toshiyuki Kimura
    Digital Artists: James Rogers, Dave Morley, Randy Vellacott, Rob O’Neil
    System Administrator: Neville Duguid
    CGI Coordinator: Rowena Zande
    Data Wrangler: Simon Dye
    CGI Trainee: Bobbi-lea Dionysius
    Software Support: IMAGICA DIGIX Inc., Future Reality, Digital Masters, AVID MEDIA Illusion
    Additional Digital Effects: Dfilm Digital Film Services
    3D Scanning: Headus PTY.LTD
    Executive in charge of Production: Nobuya Okabe
    Head Sculptors: Kiya Taishiro, Hiroyuki Nakazawa
    Assistant Sculptors: Kyoichi Shimazaki, Tetsuo Suda
    Bob McCarron Studio Crew: Lyn McCarron, Elka Wardega, Maria Fowler, Rock Connelly, Grant Boiffin, Belinda Villani
    Senior Special Make-up Effects Artists: Wendy Sainsbury, Lesley Vanderwalt
    Special Make-up Effects Artist: Karen Robotham
    Visual Effects Film Unit Coordinator: Gina Black
    1st Assistant Directors: U-ichi Abe, Peter Nathan
    Director of Photography: Gene Moller A.C.S.
    Underwater Camera Operator: Ross Isaacs
    Focus Puller: Aron Leong
    Underwater Gaffer: Darryn Fox
    Best Boy: Bob Watterson
    Grip: CaryVignall
    2nd Grip/Best Boy: Warren Young
    Music Operator: Peter Derooy
    EDI-Assist Operator: Jacinta Leong
    Lighting Rig Engineer: Douglas Vost
    Unit Manager: Cameron Wintour
    Unit Assistant Location: Garry Brennan
    VFX Crew Driver: Darryl Sheen
    Life Guard Supervisors: Owen Derek, Andrew Hall, Peter Bofinger
    Cast: Tadanobu Asano, Kimika Yoshino, Tomoko Tanaka

Animation / Video Overview: