“A Visitor on a Foggy Night” by Nakamae

  • ©Eihachiro Nakamae  Hiroshima City University



    A Visitor on a Foggy Night


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Hiroshima City University

Additional Contributors:

    Music: Mr. & Mrs. Ohbayashi

    Programer: Y. Satoh, T. Ishizaki, K. Miyamoto, T. Nishita, K. Nabara, K. Kaneda, Y.Miyawaki

    Computer Animation: Melson Max

    Optical Printing and Editing: John Blunden

    Forest Design: Jules Bloomenthal

Additional Information:

    Tech Notes: The images were produced on a Cray 1 and a Cray XMP. using a scan line algorithm organized in polar coordinates to compute the atmospheric shadows, as described in the Proceedings of SIGGRAPH ’86. The film was recorded on a Dicomed D48C.

Animation / Video Overview: