“A Semi-Lagrangian Contouring Method for Fluid Simulation” by University of California, Berkeley

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    A Semi-Lagrangian Contouring Method for Fluid Simulation



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  • University of California, Berkeley


    This video demonstrates a semi-Lagrangian surface tracking method for use with fluid simulations. The method maintains an explicit polygonal mesh that defines the surface, and an octree data struc-ture that provides both a spatial index for the mesh and a means for evaluating the signed-distance function away from the surface. At each time step, the surface is reconstructed from an implicit function defined by composition of backward advection and the current signed-distance function. One of the primary advantages of this for-mulation is that it enables tracking of surface characteristics, such as color or texture coordinates, at negligable additional cost.


    BFS (Berkeley Fluid Simulator), Pixie renderer, and Final Cut Pro

Additional Contributors:

    Director and Producer: University of California, Berkeley


    Adam Bargteil – University of California, Berkeley, Tolga Goktekin- University of California, Berkeley, James O’Brien – University of California, Berkeley, John Strain – University of California, Berkeley, Cynthia Bruyns – University of California, Berkeley