“A Narrow Martian of Error” by DiMeglio and Hart

  • ©Angela DiMeglio and Marcus Hart


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    A Narrow Martian of Error


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Ringling School of Art and Design


    No matter how technologically advanced our unmanned space probes become, their findings will always be a distant second to the observations of actual human explorers. “A Narrow Martian of Error” is a satirical look at human attempts to study Mars. Even technologically advanced missions like the Mars Pathfinder can only contribute still pictures and raw data of the red planet. Only through sending human explorers to Mars can we truly unlock its secrets.


    HARDWARE: SGI O2, Amiga 4000


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Alias PowerAnimator v8.2, Composer,
    Studio 16

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Ringling School of Art and Design Concept, animation: Marcus Alexander Hart, Angela Rose DiMeglio
    Music Composer: Mike Spring, Erik Winquist
    Audio mix: Marcus Alexander Hart
    Faculty Advisor: Claudia Cumbie-Jones
    Video/audio support: Phil Chiocchio, Erik Winquist, Iva Lovell