“A Narrow Martian of Error” by DiMeglio and Hart

  • ©Angela DiMeglio and Marcus Hart


SIGGRAPH Video Review:




    A Narrow Martian of Error


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • Ringling College of Art + Design


    No matter how technologically advanced our unmanned space probes become, their findings will always be a distant second to the observations of actual human explorers. “A Narrow Martian of Error” is a satirical look at human attempts to study Mars. Even technologically advanced missions like  the Mars Pathfinder can only con- tribute still pictures and raw data of  the red planet. Only through sending human explorers to Mars can we truly unlock its secrets.  


    HARDWARE: SGI O2, Amiga 4000


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Alias PowerAnimator v8.2, Composer, Studio 16

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: Ringling School of Art and Design
    Concept, animation: Marcus Alexander Hart, Angela Rose DiMeglio
    Music Composer: Mike Spring, Erik Winquist
    Audio mix: Marcus Alexander Hart
    Faculty Advisor: Claudia Cumbie-Jones
    Video/audio support: Phil Chiocchio, Erik Winquist, Iva Lovell