“A Calling. From the Desert. To the Sea” by Abu Eisheh

  • ©Murad Abu Eisheh





    A Calling. From the Desert. To the Sea



    Fearing that her younger sister will be wed off Just like she was, Ahlam lures Yasmin to run away with her by telling a story of a mythical sea that lies beyond the desolate desert and its mountains. Yasmin’s childish curiosity overturns her father’s apprehension and his warnings of the monster that resides beyond the borders of their house. In-search of this mystical sea, the two sisters journey away far from their home, predetermined fate and secluded life with their father. Along the way, young Yasmin is forced to face her inner demons and further her understanding of the world she lives in.

Additional Contributors:

    VFX Supervisor: Mario Bertsch

    Max Pollmann

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