“102 Dalmations” by The Secret Lab

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    102 Dalmations




Company / Institution / Agency:

  • The Secret Lab


    She’s back! This time, Cruella’s evil scheme is undone by Oddball, the little heroine of “102 Dalmatians.” The spotless Dalmatian was produced by Disney’s The Secret Lab, whose original strategy was to digitally remove spots from live action puppies and create a CG character for challenging stunt shots. However, daunting spot removal required a totally believable CG puppy for extreme close ups. Painstaking attention was paid to Oddball’s face and expres­sive eyes. Muscle and skin techniques derived from “Dinosaur” attached muscle to bone and skin for realistic motion, and a proprietary new shader was used to finesse the puppy’s fur.

Additional Contributors:

    Producer: EDWARD S. FELDMAN, The Secret Lab

    Visual Effects Supervisor: J1M RYGIEL

    Co-Visual Effects Supervisor: DAN DELEEUW

    Visual Effects Producer: LIZ RALSTON

    Digital Compositing Supervisor: BRIAN LEACH

    Digital Effects Supervisor: WALLACE COLVARD

    Supervising CG Animator: ROB DRESSEL

    Animation Supervisor: MATT O’CALLAGHAN

    Lead Animator: ATSUSHI SATO

    Facial animation setup/IK: PATRICK TAYLOR

    Muscle and Skin Supervisor: DAVID OLIVER

    Muscle and Skin TD: JOHN MURRAH


    Groomer/Texture Painter: COLIN ECKART

    Lead Modeler: ARDIE JOHNSON

    Artics and Paint Supervisor: SANDY HOUSTON

    3D Technical Manager: HANK DRISKILL

    Fur Systems Developer: PATRICK DALTON