SIGGRAPH 1986: A Retrospective



Art Show Administrator(s):

Art Show Overview:

Since the mid-Sixties, computer art has been seen in museums and galleries world-wide, with several recent major exhibitions. However, the pieces shown were usually the artists’ newer works.

It is appropriate and pertinent at this year’s exhibition to show computer-aided art in the context of that which went before. The 1986 art show traces the development of computer art over the past twenty-five years through the work of artists who have been involved with it from its inception.

The 1986 art show is the fifth exhibition of fine art that ACM SIGGRAPH has sponsored in conjunction with its annual SIGGRAPH conference.

Patric D. Prince

Visual Proceedings:

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I thank Louise Ledeen for her support and advice, the Art Show committee for their billions and billions of donated hours, and the nucleus of dedicated volunteers who have worked diligently to produce this art show.

Artworks and Animation Materials Have Been Loaned by the Artists and:
Dr. Prof. Herbert W. Franke, Puppling, West Germany
John Landsdown, Computer Arts Society, London, England
Greg Mcfarlane, Evans and Sutherland, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah
Oliver Strimpel, Computer Museum, Boston, Massachusetts

Post-Production Facilities Provided by
McDonnell-Douglas, Douglas Aircraft Company, Motion Picture/Video Production Division
Nathan Simmons

Computers and Support Provided by
Apollo Computers, Chelmsford, Massachusetts
AT&T, EPIC Center, Indianapolis, Indiana
Chuck Kozak, Aurora Systems, San Francisco, California
Commodore-Amiga, Los Gatos, California
Electronic Arts, San Mateo, California
Island Graphics, Sausalito, California
Kurta Corporation, Phoenix, Arizona
Lufthansa Airlines, West Germany
Newtek, Topeka, Kansas
Silicon Graphics, Mountain View, California

Technical Assistance
Neal Handly
Robert E. Holzman

Exhibition Artworks: