“Grooming and Rendering Cats and Dogs” by Neulander, Huang and Rijpkema

  • ©Ivan Neulander, Pedro Huang, and Hans Rijpkema



Interest Area:

    Production & Animation


    Grooming and Rendering Cats and Dogs

Session/Category Title:   Fuzzy Creatures



    The digital fur in “Cats and Dogs” requires fully CG animals to be seamlessly intercut with their live-action cat, dog, and mouse counterparts. Realistically groomed, animated, and rendered fur is essential to achieving this effect for various types of fur coats. The ninja cats have short sleek hair closely matted against the skin. In contrast, the villainous Mr. Tinkles is a Persian with long and fluffy plumes. Not only must these animals talk, but the furry cast must also perform martial arts and operate tools and machinery such as drills, guns, and log-loaders.

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