“Computer Graphics Quarterly: A publication of ACM SIGGRAPH”, Apr. 1991, Vol. 25, No. 2

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  • ©A publication of ACM SIGGRAPH


    A publication of ACM SIGGRAPH












    61  A Survey of Computer Graphics Image Encoding and Storage Formats-Wayne E. Carlson
    76  How to Make Visually Realistic 3D Display-Margaret A. Hagen

    84  Local Groups Currently Operating
    85  From the Local Groups Section Editor-Susan G. Mair
    85  Chicago
    85  Los Angeles
    86  New York
    88  Toronto
    89  Vancouver

    95  SIGGRAPH Executive Committee Minutes (October 5-7, 1990)
    97  White House Sends Greetings to GraphiCon Attendees
    97  SIGGRAPH ’91 Workshop Position Papers Deadline Extended
    98  New Careers Handbook Available
    99  SIGGRAPH ’91 Promises to Uphold Theme, “Where Advanced Technologies Inspire Tomorrow’s Realities”
    100 Digital Invitation Created for SIGGRAPH ’91
    101 SIGGRAPH ’90 Workshop Report: Topics for Industry/University/ Non-Profit Collaboration-Robert A. Ellis
    104 SIGGRAPH ’90 Workshop Report: Data Structures and Access Software for Scientific Visualization-Lloyd A. Treinish

    120 Calendar
    122 British Computer Society Documentation Displays Group Conference-Judy Brown
    122 SIGCHI Offers Grant-in-Aid of Research for Students-Tom Hewett
    123 Project MATHEMATICS! New Release: Polynomials
    123 Technology Exchange Company Seeks Instructors
    123 Computer Graphics World Announces an Asian-Pacific Edition
    124 Harvard Graduate School of Design Courses Offered
    124 Sigma Design Releases ARRIS Version 5.8
    124 Trip Report: UIST’90–£llis S. Cohen
    127 Call for Participation: Hypertext ’91
    128 Call for Papers: Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering
    128 Call for Papers: COMPUGRAPHICS ’91
    129 Call for Papers: Eurographics Workshop on Computer Graphics and Mathematics
    129 Call for Papers: Sixth Eurographics Workshop on Graphics Hardware
    129 Call for Participation: UIST’91
    130 Call for Papers: Publication on Distributed Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing
    130 Call for Papers: International Journal of Applied Intelligence
    130 Second Eurographics Workshop on Rendering
    130 1991 ACM SIGMETRICS Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems
    131 Spread Spectrum-Potential Commercial Applications, Myth or Reality?
    131 IEA/AIE-91
    132 The New Designer
    132 Symposium on Solid Modeling Foundations and CAD/CAM Applications
    132 7th Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry
    134 TEX Users Group 12th Annual Conference
    134 Human-Computer Interface Design: Success Cases, Emerging Methods and Real-World Context
    135 International Symposium on Visual Analysis and Interface
    135 Supercomputing ’91

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    Cover credit: “Among Ruins,” from the Architecture and Memory Series by Terry Gips; 20″ x 24″ cibachrome, 1989.

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    From the collection of Mary Whitton