Heinz-Otto Peitgen

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  • North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


  • SIGGRAPH 1990

    Heinz-Otto Peitgen. *1945 in Bruch, Germany. Dr. rer. nat. in Mathematics 1973, Habilition 1976, both from the University of Bonn. 1977, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Bremen and since 1985 also at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Research in nonlinear analysis and dynamical systems. He has been a lecturer at the last five SIGGRAPH courses on fractals. He is coauthor (coeditor) of the books “The Beauty of Fractals,” 1986, from which the exhibit “Frontiers of Chaos” of the Goethe-Institute evolved, of “The Science of Fractal Images,” 1988, and of “Fractals for the Classroom,” 1990, all from Springer-Verlag. Dr. Peitgen is a member of the AMS.  


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