“Visibility, Problems, Techniques, and Applications” by Cohen-Or, Chrysanthou, Koltun, Durand, Greene, et al. …

  • ©Daniel Cohen-Or, Yiorgos Chrysanthou, Vladlen Koltun, Frédo Durand, Ned Greene, and Claudio T. Silva



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    Visibility, Problems, Techniques, and Applications

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    Understanding of the basics of 3D graphics. The course is not designed for experts in visibility.

    Occlusion culling techniques, visibility complex, view volume culling, image space and object-space methods, the use of BSP trees and other hierarchical structures for visibility, solutions in games, hardware-assisted occlusion culling.

    Visibility determination (the process of deciding what surfaces can be seen from a certain point) is one of the fundamental problems in computer graphics. Its importance has long been recognized, and in network-based graphics, virtual environments, shadow determination, global illumination, culling, and interactive walkthroughs, it has become a critical issue. This course reviews fundamental issues, current problems, and unresolved solutions, and presents an in-depth study of the visibility algorithms developed in recent years, focusing on occlusion culling techniques.



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