“Video Gameplay and Design: Procedural Directions” by Hershey, Mallinson, Suhayda, Murray and Swartout

  • ©Tom Hershey, Dominic Mallinson, George Suhayda, Janet H. Murray, and Bill Swartout



Entry Number: 01


    Video Gameplay and Design: Procedural Directions




    So far, game-play design has relied on traditional models, and it has been constrained by old hardware design. New consoles will support procedural simulation and a “drama-on-the-fly” that no other form of entertainment can achieve. For the developer, procedural simulation offers a lighter, more versatile library of assets. The payoff will be a new art form and a more cost-effective method of recreating intelligence, behavior, physics and modeled environments. This panel presents a snapshot of the current state of procedural simulation and its potential.   

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