“Time-Critical Volume Rendering” by Shen and Li

  • ©Han-Wei Shen and Xinyue Li



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    Time-Critical Volume Rendering

Session/Category Title:   Realtime Applications



    In this technical sketch, we present a time-critical volume rendering algorithm to tackle the aforementioned problem. The goal of our algorithm is to alleviate the user’s burden of searching the levels of detail that can meet the performance requirement. With our algorithm, the user only needs to specify a desired wall clock time for each frame, and the algorithm will adaptively render data of appropriate resolutions from the volume hierarchy to complete the computation just in time. In addition, our algorithm allows the user to specify regions of interest (ROI) in the underlying volume. This ROI information is taken into account when allocating the computation time budget required to render the volume, so that overall image quality can be maximized.


    1. Li, X. & Shen, H.W. (2001) Adaptive volume rendering using fuzzy logic control. Joint Eurographics-IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization. May, 2001.

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