“Texture design using a simplicial complex of morphable textures” by Matusik, Zwicker and Durand

  • ©Wojciech Matusik, Matthias Zwicker, and Frédo Durand




    Texture design using a simplicial complex of morphable textures



    We present a system for designing novel textures in the space of textures induced by an input database. We capture the structure of the induced space by a simplicial complex where vertices of the simplices represent input textures. A user can generate new textures by interpolating within individual simplices. We propose a morphable interpolation for textures, which also defines a metric used to build the simplicial complex. To guarantee sharpness in interpolated textures, we enforce histograms of high-frequency content using a novel method for histogram interpolation. We allow users to continuously navigate in the simplicial complex and design new textures using a simple and efficient user interface. We demonstrate the usefulness of our system by integrating it with a 3D texture painting application, where the user interactively designs desired textures.


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