“Simultaneous Model Assembly in Real and Virtual Spaces”

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    Simultaneous Model Assembly in Real and Virtual Spaces

Session/Category Title:   Modeling Interfaces



    This sketch presents an application for the assembly of complex static models by using elements of a construction kit. Based on the Real Reality approach, models are created in physical and virtual space simultaneously. By tracking the user’s hand movements, the system generates a virtual reproduction of the original construction. In addition to the management of discrete model components, the system performs an analysis of the existing scenery. The spatial layout of individual building blocks is interpreted in such a way that adjacent elements are combined to interconnected units. The application’s primary objective is to transfer the substantial behavior of physical building blocks to their virtual counterpart and to ensure extensive conformity of the real and virtual scene.


    1. Brauer, V. & Bruns, W. Bridging the gap between real and virtual modeling: a new approach to human-computer interaction. In Proceedings of IFIP 5.10 Workshop on Virtual Prototyping, May 1996.

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