“SIGGRAPH 2019 Keynote Session” by Victoria Alonso

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    SIGGRAPH 2019 Keynote Session


Project Affiliation:

    Marvel Studios


    Hear From Marvel Studios’ Executive Vice President of Production

    SIGGRAPH 2019 is pleased to welcome Victoria Alonso, Executive Vice President of Production for Marvel Studios, as our keynote speaker. As a bold, creative leader, Alonso has the experience to speak to the evolution of the industry on a variety of levels.

    On the SIGGRAPH 2019 stage in a fireside chat with Matt Donnelly, Senior Film Writer for Variety, Alonso will explore what successful storytelling in the digital age looks like — something with which she is impressively familiar. In addition, Alonso will speak to the challenges and importance of encouraging participation in our industries by those with diverse backgrounds and experiences. More broadly, Alonso will share advice for leading for success and embracing the future of interactive technology.

    “I’ve been attending SIGGRAPH since before there was a line at the ladies’ room. I’m very much looking forward to having a candid conversation about the state of visual effects, diversity, and representation in our industry. At Marvel Studios, we have always tried to push boundaries with both our storytelling and our visual effects. Bringing our work to SIGGRAPH each year offers us the opportunity to help shape the future of filmmaking.”