“Shape from distortion: 3D range scanning of mirroring objects” by Tarini, Lensch, Goesele and Seidel

  • ©Marco Tarini, Hendrik P. A. Lensch, Michael Goesele, and Hans-Peter Seidel



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    Shape from distortion: 3D range scanning of mirroring objects

Session/Category Title:   3D Scanning



    Objects with mirroring surfaces are left out of the scope of most recent 3D scanning methods. We developed a new acquisition approach, shape-from-distortion, that focuses on that category of objects, requires only a still camera and a monitor, and generates high quality range scans (plus a normal field). Our contributions are a novel acquisition technique based on environment matting [Chuang et al. 2000] and corresponding geometry reconstruction method that recovers a very precise geometry model for mirroring objects.


    1. Chuang, Y. et al. Environment matting extensions: Towards higher accuracy and Real-Time capture. In SIGGRAPH 2000, 121–130.
    2. Rocchini, C., Cignoni, P., Montani, C., Pingi, P., and Scopigno, R. A low cost optical 3D scanner based on structured light. In EG 2001, 299–308.

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