“Rendering “Pepe” with Global Illumination”

  • ©Marcos Fajardo, Daniel Martínez Lara, Carlos Fernandez Puertolas, Kike Oliva, and Gonzalo Rueda



Interest Area:

    Production & Animation


    Rendering “Pepe” with Global Illumination

Session/Category Title:   Fun for TDs



    This animation sketch focuses on lighting and rendering aspects of the animation short by Daniel Martinez Lara, featuring his Pepe digital puppet and rendered using an early version of our custom Monte Carlo ray tracing system, code-named Arnold. The short is 100-percent CG and achieves a realistic hand-held-video-camera look through the use of believable camera motion and zoom, scanned textures, exquisite character animation, and high-quality soft shadows and inter-reflections in a daylight setting.

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