“Real-Time Shading” by Olano, Akeley, Hart, Heidrich, Mark, et al. …

  • ©Marc Olano, Kurt Akeley, John C. Hart, Wolfgang Heidrich, Bill Mark, Jason L. Mitchell, and Randi J. Rost


Entry Number: 07


    Real-Time Shading

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    Working knowledge of a modern real-time graphics API like OpenGL or Direct3D. Familiarity with the concepts of procedural shading and shading languages. 

    The latest developments in shading hardware and languages. Models for understanding shading hardware. Advanced techniques for interactive shaders. Reflectance. Pre-evaluating all or parts of a shader and the many uses of texture maps. Inside shading hardware and shading compilers. 

    The dream of real-time procedural shading is becoming a common reality. This updated course brings together hardware developers and leading researchers to share the latest developments in shading hardware and to present methods, models, and ideas that apply to a range of shading hardware. 


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