“Practical Image-Based Lighting for Fur and Surfaces” by Carlson and Fong

  • ©Deborah Carlson and Nickson Fong



Interest Area:

    Production & Animation


    Practical Image-Based Lighting for Fur and Surfaces

Session/Category Title:   Fuzzy Creatures



    This sketch describes the image-based lighting pipeline developed at Centropolis Effects. The project was inspired by recent high dynamic range photography and image-based lighting research by Paul Debevec. The goal of our system is to collect accurate light-
    ing information from the set and use that data to directly light the computer graphics scene. Because the long rendering times of a physically based global illumination renderer are not yet practical in a visual effects production environment, we created a technique that could easily fit into our existing CG pipeline using photorealistic RenderMan. Our system was developed during production on “Arac Attack,” which features giant furry spiders, so it was designed to handle lighting fur as well as surfaces.


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