“HERstories: Women Leaders in the Digital World” by Cox, Sandor, Fron, Cruz-Neira, Brown, et al. …

  • ©Donna J. Cox, Ellen Sandor, Janine Fron, Carolina Cruz-Neira, Maxine D. Brown, Claudia Hart, Tiffany Holmes, Copper Frances Giloth, Margaret Dolinsky, Barbara Sykes, Joan R. Truckenbrod, Dana Plepys, and Anne Balsamo


    An intergenerational panel of 12 trailblazing women share their untold challenges, insights and reflections on how they helped scaffold the foundations of the computer graphics industry in the early 1980’s as they continue to innovate and contribute to present day social trends in digital media arts. This unique panel will emphasize collaboration as an invaluable, all-inclusive process for creating dynamic synergies while addressing gender issues faced in high-technology environments that were often populated, managed and directed by men. These stories can serve to enlighten and inspire young professionals, reinvigorate conference veterans, and elucidate the seminal period that transformed games into a digital entertainment phenomenon that gave birth to the Internet, ultimately mobilizing SIGGRAPH as the preeminent computer graphics community that fostered professional networking opportunities for women.

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