“One personal computer to many students in classroom with wireless sensor network technology”

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    One personal computer to many students in classroom with wireless sensor network technology


    In traditional computerized classroom, such as computer laboratory, each kid is equipped with one desktop (or laptop) for learning. This kind of computerized classroom, one kid one desktop, has some disadvantages. For example, the cost of establishing the classroom, like the computer laboratory, is high and the kids are constrained in their seats while having the classroom learning activities. The design concept of this computerized classroom in mine is one computer one kid, which we will argue that is adult-oriented, not kid-oriented. Kids have their requirements in using information technology in classroom. Instead of using monitor, keyboard, and mouse, an alternative way, we think, is allowing kids to input their message via their body motion, such as gesture, which is a much nature way to use the technology in classroom. In this demonstration, the authors will show a set of ribbons equipped with wireless utilization and a computer server. The ribbons are embedded with gesture detection chips and can communicate with the computer server wirelessly. The ribbons can be worn by the students and all the students’ gesture signals can be captured and sent to the computer server. By using the hardware and software we demonstrated, the classroom can be rearranged from one kid one desktop to many kids one desktop. A learning activity, distributed stories sharing, is being designed and will be used to study the usability and sociability of the wireless utilized gesture detection ribbons system. In the distributed stories sharing learning activity, students will be asked to complete stories acquisition, stories sharing, stores composition, and peer review tasks by using the gesture detection ribbons in the classroom.

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