“Model-Based Analysis and Synthesis of Human Body Images” by Hoshino

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    Model-Based Analysis and Synthesis of Human Body Images

Session/Category Title:   Human Capture



    Generating digital actors is important for many applications such as special effects in movies, games, and virtual reality. In this sketch, we present a mode-based analysis and synthesis of human body images. First, we estimate the current 3D pose of the human figure by using the spatio-temporal analysis with kinematic constraints. Then, we store the intensity images of the human body as textures of the 3D body model. Such a human model can be used to generate multiple views, merge virtual objects, and change motion characteristics of human figures in video.


    1. Hoshino, J., Saito, H., & Yamamoto, M. (2000). Match moving technique for human body images. SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Abstracts and Applications.

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