“Life-Sized Projector-Based Dioramas: Spatially Real and Visually Virtual” by Low, Welch, Lastra and Fuchs

  • ©Kok-Lim Low, Gregory F. Welch, Anselmo A. Lastra, and Henry Fuchs



Interest Area:

    Virtual Reality


    Life-Sized Projector-Based Dioramas: Spatially Real and Visually Virtual

Session/Category Title:   Digital Representation



    In this sketch, we present work in progress on a new projector-based approach to visualizing re-creations of real or virtual places. The major difference between our approach and previous ones is that we use a set of life-sized display surfaces that closely approximate the scene geometry. The effect is a virtual environment that is both visually and spatially realistic, which gives the user a strong sense of immersion.


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